The main benefits provided by the Health and Welfare Fund includes prescription, optical and dental benefits. The benefits are financed from the Fund’s assets, which are accumulated under the provisions of the Trust Agreement for that purpose, to provide benefits to our eligible participants and to defray reasonable administrative expenses.  You are eligible for benefits if you are employed by or retired from the Police Department of the City of New York in any of the following classifications: Lieutenant, Captain, Surgeon or Captains assigned to higher rank up to and including Deputy Chiefs.

For complete information of your benefits, please click here for the benefits handbook.

Healthplex Indemnity

The Healthplex Indemnity/PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) Plan gives our members the flexibility to visit any dentist of their choice in or out

Optical Benefits

With Visionworks/Davis Vision you have access to licensed providers in both private practice and retail locations who are extensively reviewed and credentialed

Prescription Benefits

Prescription drug benefits are available for our members through the Superior Officers Council Health and Welfare Fund Prescription Plan administered by OptumRx.

Dental Benefits

The Superior Officers Council currently sponsors three dental plans for our active members. The Healthplex Indemnity/PPO Plan and the Healthplex Comprehensive Plan-Dentcare

Dependent Eligibility

Who are Eligible Dependents? Family members eligible for benefits are:SpousesRegistered domestic partnersDependent children up to the age of 19 years oldLegally adopted

Catastrophic Benefits

The GHI Catastrophic Rider (GHI members only) was established to assist our members and their eligible dependents (includes spouses, registered domestic partners,

Annuity Benefits

The SOC Annuity Trust Fund is administered by Principal Financial. The old SOC Annuity Fund was liquidated in March 2009. $109 million